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The Scrappy Package at Chappe.Studio is designed for solopreneurs, self-funded founders, and individuals who have a clear vision of what they want for their brand. This package skips the traditional research phase and instead focuses on moldboards, where clients can select a style to move forward with. 

It’s a great choice for those who want to try out a business idea, have a specific direction in mind, and prefer a streamlined process without extensive research. With the Scrappy Package, you’ll receive a customized brand identity that aligns with your vision.


The Boss Package at Chappe.Studio is tailored for individuals who seek a comprehensive brand identity with a quick turnaround. This package includes research on 10 competitors to gain valuable insights and an introspective look into your brand. 

It’s ideal for self-funded entrepreneurs who value our expertise and want a well-crafted brand identity. The Boss Package also includes one production item, such as a label design or a t-shirt, to bring your brand to life.

Our most popular package. The Disruptor Package is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a deeper dive into their brand identity. With research on 15 competitors, this package provides a broader understanding of the market landscape and opportunities for differentiation. 

It’s suitable for those who want a second opinion and a fresh perspective from our creative and marketing teams. The Disruptor Package is perfect for businesses seeking to refresh or rebrand, particularly if they have an internal marketing or creative team that requires specialized strategic work.

The Enterprise Package at Chappe.Studio is our most comprehensive and tailored offering, ideal for businesses ready to make a significant impact with their brand. With research on 25+ competitors, this package ensures a thorough understanding of the market landscape and helps uncover unique positioning opportunities. The Enterprise Package includes two core services such as photography, package design, label design, web design, or email marketing, in addition to the brand identity development. It also encompasses in-depth copywriting to define your brand positioning and voice. 

This package is best suited for seasoned executives, CEOs, and chief marketing officers who value a highly customized and collaborative approach. It includes meetings and exercises to ensure alignment among decision-makers, making it an excellent choice for businesses with multiple stakeholders.

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