Creating Only The Best

Chappe.Studio is a collective of designers, artists, and thinkers who believe that creativity has the power to transform the world. Our goal is to use design as a tool for positive change, and we are dedicated to making a difference through our work. Ready to turn your business into a creative powerhouse?

Branding & Strategy

From logo design to comprehensive brand guidelines, we help businesses establish a strong, memorable brand that stands out in a competitive landscape. We also offer strategic guidance to help businesses leverage design as a tool for growth, from creating a brand strategy to developing a comprehensive marketing plan.

Content Creation

We create custom graphics, images, and videos that capture your brand's personality and help your content stand out in a crowded feed. We'll work with you to develop a visual style guide that reflects your brand's personality and helps you create a cohesive brand experience across all social media channels.


We'll help you create stunning visual content that reflects your brand's unique personality, from headshots and portraits to product photography and promotional images.

Recent Projects

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