Sa Company

SA is a leader in discount outdoor apparel. The brand is always looking for ways to stay conencted to customers, and visually coherent as it had grown so much and with growth some of the old visual identity isues were exposed. Delivered was a new logo along with the rest of the visual formula (fonts, […]


The Law House is a client who came to us looking for a rebrand and visual identity in order to franchise their business nation wide. We started by doing research and gaining knowledge of the space in order to provide a solution that would exceed the client’s goals and expectations. In this project we contributed […]



Zios is a hybrid supplement positioned between fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. The founder of Zios came to us with a vision to launch a hero product that was disruptive and unique. After researching we provided a creative direction that embodied the pillars of the brand and the nature of the product, but also left a […]



Zimba Whitenening is an oral care company we’ve done long term work with. Being led by a strong digital marketing team, Zimba always lacked the creative eye to optimize their business. The first thing done was a clean up of their brand identity, reimagining the language in which zimba engages with their gen Z audience, […]

Toney Bands


Toney Bands is a hybrid fitness company looking to disrupt the market of functional wrist weights and become a leader in the space by innovating around the wrist weight. The project started by researching the competitors to gain insight, then identifying and executing on a strategy to gain the public’s perspective as a leader in […]


Mushpreneur is a mushroom based company looking for coffee drinkers and casual caffeine indulgers to switch over to a healthier and smarter alternative. Delivered was a complete visual identity that included a logo and package design. The client found this to be successful due to the strategy behind the visuals. Mushroom coffee is weird, and […]

Live Solo

Founded by actress and influencer Lauren “lolo” Spencer – Solo is a lifestyle brand focusing on individuals with disabilities, their wants and needs in order to lead a successful and independent life. The goal of the project is to create an inspiring and trustworthy foundation so that the work to inspire diabled people can begin. […]


Taxes are boring! BasTaxs came to us with a simple question – How do you create a brand experience in this space that is fundamentally different and customers would proudly share with friends? The solution? An appointment only financial boutique offering white glove services. Imagine this – You walk into your favorite fashion designer store […]


Aptum10 is a marketing agency looking for a distinct visual identity and logo system. Through the process of researching we were able to figure out which colors were underused in the marketing space and design a visual identity that was truly unique when compared to their competitors. The deliverables on this project were renaming, creative […]