The Law House is a client who came to us looking for a rebrand and visual identity in order to franchise their business nation wide. We started by doing research and gaining knowledge of the space in order to provide a solution that would exceed the client’s goals and expectations. In this project we contributed […]


Mushpreneur is a mushroom based company looking for coffee drinkers and casual caffeine indulgers to switch over to a healthier and smarter alternative. Delivered was a complete visual identity that included a logo and package design. The client found this to be successful due to the strategy behind the visuals. Mushroom coffee is weird, and […]


Taxes are boring! BasTaxs came to us with a simple question – How do you create a brand experience in this space that is fundamentally different and customers would proudly share with friends? The solution? An appointment only financial boutique offering white glove services. Imagine this – You walk into your favorite fashion designer store […]


Aptum10 is a marketing agency looking for a distinct visual identity and logo system. Through the process of researching we were able to figure out which colors were underused in the marketing space and design a visual identity that was truly unique when compared to their competitors. The deliverables on this project were renaming, creative […]